Client Forms and Handouts

The following forms and hand-outs are provided for your information.  Unless otherwise noted, they are my original work.  Please feel free to share them, giving credit to this website, and please ask me any questions that you may have about the information they offer.

Informed Consent/Homebirth Contract
Health History
Wellness Survey
Nutritional Counseling Worksheet
Initial Questionnaire
Doula Contract
Financial Agreement

Nutrition in Pregnancy
Recommended Resources
Tear Prevention
Danger Signs and When to Call Your Midwife
Emergency Unassisted Birth
Labor Support Ideas
Stages of Labor and How to Help
Getting Ready For Postpartum
How to Have a Smooth Postpartum
Door Sign
Mom and Baby Warning Signs
Weird Things Babies Do
MotherRoot Brochure
Office Directions
Birth Supply List

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