MotherRoot Midwifery strongly believes that quality maternity care is a human right, and offers several options to help families offset and manage the cost of our care. Please see below or call for details. The following are our full-price fees.

Homebirth and Midwifery Care:

I charge $3,300, which covers all of your prenatal and postpartum  care, attendance, monitoring and support at your birth by myself and my assistants,  a newborn exam and the time I spend on call for you. The “hidden” costs not included in this fee include lab work (blood tests and vaginal cultures) and a birth kit that I will ask you to buy when you are close to term, for about 60$.  In the event of a transport to the hospital, you are responsible for any and all hospital, doctor and ambulance fees you incur. You will be responsible for paying the full midwife fee, and will be entitled to postpartum care with us.

Your insurance company may or may not accept a bill from a certified professional midwife. To register with MotherRoot Midwifery, you need to make an initial deposit of at least 15% of the birth fee, and you will be responsible for paying monthly installments. After your birth, I will give you a global bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. If your claim is reimbursed, you will be redunded the money you have paid out of pocket. There is no guarantee that insurance will cover homebirth, and they may cover certain services but not others.

MassHealth does not cover or reimburse midwifery care. Clients who are on MassHealth qualify for a discount based on their income. Other low-income discounts are possible; please call to discuss this possibility with a midwife. We also offer payment plans and barter arrangements, depending on what is needed by the practice at the time. Possible barter arrangements may include help with office work, childcare or legislative work for midwifery. Additionally, all clients are asked for a voluntary 300$ contribution to a "scholarship" fund to support birth care for low income families; there may be money available in this fund. Please call with questions.

Childbirth Education

I charge 150$ for a 6 class group childbirth education series.  This fee covers the mother and her labor support people, and includes a large packet of hand-outs, a pregnancy journal if you have not yet recieved one, and snacks during class.
Other Classes
          Afternoon workshops, such as sibling preparation and single session childbirth review classes generally last 3 hours and cost 75$, including supplies.  Longer workshops may cost more.

Fertility awareness classes are two sessions and cost 95$, including an extenisve packet of handouts and practice charts, and a private consultation with the instructor at a later date.  Enrolled women may bring their partner to fertility awareness classes as part of this fee.

Individual fertility awareness consulting is 50$ an hour, and most sessions last an hour.

Individual childbirth education sessions are 100$, and last about 3 hours.

Some partial scholarships are available; please call with questions.

Women's Health Services

Prices for women's health services vary based on lab fees. I charge a base visit fee of 30$, as well as what the lab charges me for any testing you want, such as Pap smears and STI testing.  All women's health appointments include individualized health education and counseling.  Clinical breast exams cost 40$.

Doula/Labor Support Services

           I charge 1000$ for labor support services, which include 2-3 prenatal visits, in-home labor monitoring, hospital accompaniment, skilled labor support during your whole labor, time spent on-call for you, access to my lending library, and one postpartum visit.

 Postpartum Services

Postpartum doula services cost 25$ per hour or 150$ per overnight, and can be scheduled according to your needs, in blocks of at least 2 1/2 hours. Postpartum doula care includes lactation support. Gift certificates for postpartum doula services are available in blocks of 4 hours for 75$.  Multiple blocks may be purchased.  The recipient recieves a card in the mail informing her of your gift, and then is able to schedule her postpartum doula time according to her own needs and our availability.  This makes a great baby shower gift! Please see the page about doula services for more information.

In-home lactation counselor visits cost 60$, and can be scheduled at any point.  They typically last about an hour and half, though this can vary depending on the needs of the mother and baby.  Last minute availability may be available. Please call for details.

MotherRoot Midwifery believes that health care is a right, not a privilege.  We try to make our services accessible to anyone who wants them.  All prices reflect the fact that we offer care at a reduced rate to low-income families.

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